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About Me


I am a clairvoyant, medium and spiritual healer.
As a child I knew that I had gifts and as I grew my ability to channel with spirit and use these gifts to help others were fulfilled.
I then knew where my destiny lay.
I was very much aware of these gifts and as I grew older my ability to guide, inform and help others through spiritual guidance developed and grew.
For many years now I have worked professionally using these natural clairvoyant, psychic and healing gifts. Whilst working with spirit my abilities increase and I communicate on a higher vibration enabling me to work with my higher self and in this way I help others reach their true potential with regards to their evolvement and spiritual awareness.
My many clients return on a regular basis for clairvoyant counselling, spiritual help and healing.
Why not let me help you better understand the purpose of life, or through healing the benefits of well being.


Automatic writing: Where through spirit messages are given enabling a person to have knowledge and spiritual awareness.

Past Life Regression: As a medium I use spirit guides to give insight into lifetimes past, present and future allowing an individual to gain better understanding of present life state and future direction.

Transmediumship: Out of body experiences with spirit.

Reiki: I am also skilled in the art of Reiki.

All of these abilities are my way of life.


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call (mobile): 07801289819 (Scotland),
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Due to changes in the legal system, we advise you that any information you are given has to be treated as entertainment purposes only.
Those under the age of 18 must have the consent of their parent before receiving messages.
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My Services

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“I came to Rosalind to understand more about a recent relationship i have started. Rosalinds reading was incredibly accurate - having no information about me at any point. The spirits that came through were key in helping me understand more about my life to come. I felt assured in the decisions i had made and yet to make. I look forward to seeing Rosalind soon.”


“A real psychic. Had my 1st reading earlier this year. I have to say i was sceptical about it all. Im now a firm believer in Rosalind psychic abilities. She knew things about me that no one knew. I have to say i was a bit freaked out as i didnt expect her to know as much. Rosalind is a genuine psychic and an amazing lady. Also met Lucky her wee cat who was unwell at time. So i hope Lucky is feeling better and thanks to Rosalind. I will be returning again for sure.”

Lisa xx

“This woman is amazing. She had me in tears within a minute of starting. She knew it all. How I felt, how I'd suffered, what type of person I am, what type of people are around me. Amazed. Very friendly, felt like I'd known her all my life. Introduced me to chalamine tea,which I'm now drinking and feeling the benefits of. Met wee lucky the cat. The most affectionate gorgeous wee cat soul I've ever met and when I got home I was expecting my sookie aka psycho bitch to go off on one when she sniffed luckys whiff. But no, Sookie was very sookie and sniffed me the rest of the day. She must have known lucky was a good cat. Anyways, I highly recommend Rosalind to everyone. Thank you Rosalind. Xx ”

Maggie McKie

“Rosalind is the most kind and gentle lady ive ever met. The fact she knew me better than my own best friend was kinda freaky. She knew things no one knew about me. She has genuinely got a gift and im now strong believer. Great reading thanks very much ”

Lisa Wilson

“This has to be the most amazing women I have ever spoken to and not to mention the best reading I have ever had. I was so comfortable and relaxed it was lovley. I would go back and do it all again today if i could. Thank you Rosalind so much ”

Sarah McGee

“A lovely woman with a genuine gift and insight who gave great advice would highly recommend”

Laura Houston

“Absolutely amazing! Reading was brilliant and totally accurate! Would definitely recommend! :)”

Nicola Smith

“Thank you very much very accurate and talented, highly recommended!!!”

Claire Jackson

“Just had a telephone reading with Rosalind at lightened pathways. She was amazingly intuitive, it made me laugh now bang on the money she actually was. She gave me lots of information for me to think about and meditate upon. She was startingly accurate, caring, sympathetic, whilst remaining truthful and honnest. I definately reccomend her to anyone and will definately be speaking again in the near future.”


“Hi i have just had my first session and can honestly say she is a very talented honest and gifted lady she made me feel at ease and the atmosphere was so calm and peaceful all names she gave me were accurate and things she was able to tell me that no one else knows, she could not possibly have known these things otherwise, she makes it so personal that i felt i was talking to an old friend everything she spoke about made sense to me on a level i cant explain, i will and would not go to anyone else now i cant wait to go back for my next time and would highly recomnend her services and gift to anyone thank you.”


“Hi i have just had my first session and can honestly say she is a very talented honest and gifted lady she made me feel at ease and the atmosphere was so calm and peaceful all names she gave me were accurate and things she was able to tell me that no one else knows, she could not possibly have known these things otherwise, she makes it so personal that i felt i was talking to an old friend everything she spoke about made sense to me on a level i cant explain , i will and would not go to anyone else now i cant wait to go back for my next time and would highly recomnend her services and gift to anyone thank you xx”


“I have spoken with Rosalind a couple of times now and each time I am left wanting to know more. It is like she has known me forever with the intimate details she has picked up on in my life. I recommend her for anyone going through a transition or anyone just curious to know more. She truly is amazing at what she does and I will definitely keep using her services. Thanks again :)”

Lucy telephone reading New York

“Such an incredible women with so much talent. I found my experience to be life changing the way she knew how I was feeling and my thoughts and to help me find the guidance and answers that I was seeking. Really was an experience worth doing. Next step is on me”


“I cannot thank you enough for the time spent speaking with me and for just how much clarity you provided me. I've never come across someone who was able to pin point me or my situation so well. Thank you for the guidance and advice you provided me. You've helped me to close some doors and I feel I'm on a better path already. Thank you again for everything. Much as it says above I just wanted to take the chance again to say thank you for your reading and for providing me some long awaited light. Love and kindness,”


“From the first time I called you I still cannot believe what you have done for me. It still amazes me that you can give a detailed reading about a persons life over the phone with such incredible accuracy. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. In this world we live in, all of us have problems we never dreamed would ever happen to us not even realizing there are people like yourself that are willing to help those in need. Lightened Pathways is exactly what you do showing the right fork to take in the road is a great comfort. Your compassion and sincerity are evident it is truly a miracle. People pay all kind of "experts" to try to assist them with various problems and and never get relief. I suggest before they waste their time and money they should consult you first. All I can say is that if people could realize what your capable of I suspect you would not have a moments peace. I am truly thankful that I have become a client and hopefully a friend. You are beautiful inside and out. The Universe is a great source of knowledge and I am glad you are able to access that for us. Of course, I'll be speaking with you soon.”


“I had been looking for a psychic who was local to where I lived. I had only had a tarot reading done around 15 years previous so had no idea who to call or who had the best reputation. I saw Rosalind's number on and decided to give it a call. When I spoke to her on the phone she made me feel instantly at ease and I knew then that I wanted her to do my reading for me. Due to work commitments I decided to book a reading over the telephone. Even although I had never met Rosalind and gave her no information about me prior to the reading she was absolutely spot on from the word go. She knew exactly how I had been feeling and why I was feeling that way. She could even tell me what colour my bathroom was and described my house! She gave me names of people which I thought was amazing! Some of the things didnt make sense to me at the time but after a conversation with some family members, it made sense to them. I had the reading on 6/10/15 and within a few months things have been starting to happen or make sense. I still look over the notes that I took from my reading and find little things that I didnt realise at the time. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about a psychic reading to speak with Rosalind, she is a completely genuine and caring person and has a gift that very few people on this earth have.”


“Hi Rosalind Firstly, thank you very much for my reading today and for making me feel welcome and at ease. Like I said to you today, I have had a few readings over the years. I came to you today with an open mind and thinking that it would be nice to get a reading due to change of circumstances in my life recently and some guidance for the future. I got that and so much more and I thank you so much Rosalind. I genuinely came away from you today feeling fantastic and positive about the future. I can't believe you are on my doorstep and I didn't know until recently! I knew early on in the reading when you gave me the name "Wendy" (No-one has ever mentioned her before). Wendy was my brothers girlfriend many years ago but also a good friend of mine. You gave me the name of a close friend also who has just been diagnosed with a form of cancer and you saw this too. You gave me so much today including a kick up the backside to stop waiting and start getting my plans and hopes for the future into place. You were so accurate about my work and my wanting to do more/something different. You mentioned counselling type work and maybe a college course next August and you couldn't have been more precise as this is the kind of thing I have been thinking of. You got my past so right and you got me so right Rosalind and you have given me the confidence to move forward and get out of my comfort zone. I look forward to visiting you again in the future and if I get half as much from you as what I did today then I will be very happy. Thank you again.”


“Just a little note to say thank you and let you know that the reading you gave me was absolutely astonishing in its accuracy Although it was over the telephone and I had mentioned no details of my life or background you were able to describe a complex and difficult situation I was facing in great detail while having received no prior information from me whatsoever! Further you were able to give me insight into this situation in a manner which demonstrated beyond doubt that you were not only receiving accurate information, but also gave me good advice that was directly on point. Amazingly, you were able to supply names and places involved. You have a genuine and very valuable gift and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who would like insight into a current situation or spiritual help with any aspect of their life. Thanks again, you have an amazing gift that brings help and comfort to many people.”

George, New York

“I came to see Rosalind when I was at a very low point in my life, I needed some sort of guidance & direction. The reading I received was very in-depth & very moving & picked up on many different aspects in my life. I have some difficult decisions & choices to make & the fact you picked up on them with such accuracy was astounding. I was made to feel very welcome & comfortable at your home. When I left you I felt great with a new exciting outlook on life. Rosalind is a wonderfully gifted woman & a genuinely lovely lovely person. I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I know if I need guidance again I will not hesitate to contact Rosalind again. Thank you so much for your time & I look forward to seeing you again x”

Neil, Livingston, Scotland

“I met Rosalind in a psychic cafe a few months back and was very intrigued by her. She was very mystical and as we chatted I felt at ease with her warmth and sensitivity towards others . We arranged a day for my reading. I was made very welcome and felt very relaxed, her evidence was second to none with names, places the true essence of my loved ones and events in my life today and in a previous life. She made me aware of what was happening in my life and the reasons behind it all. I found Rosalind to be very sincere and accurate, respectful and very trustworthy with the information from the spirit world. I would certainly recommend Rosalind to anyone for a reading. She has many special gifts and when you leave you feel totally uplifted knowing that all the evidence given proves that life is eternal and that you're loved ones are around you and looking over you. If you're looking for that bit of uplift, guidance and proof that there is life after death then I would certainly recommend Rosalind. ”


“Hi Really wanted to send an email Rosalind, I loved my reading. To be honest I didn't know what to expect from the reading, you could say I entered a little nervous, apprehensive, excited feelings all rolled into one. My main reason for the reading was as you were able to tell me - I'm a little lost for direction in my life with turmoil, upset, loss, sadness and many more. Throughout my time with you I was amazed at how accurate you were with past and present and have given me a relief in some ways with respect of certain trials in my life. I must also mention I did get a little teary with the accuracy and you seemed to understand and feel my emotions too. It's an overwhelming feeling when you are sitting there and someone you have never met is supplying information about the person you are. The problems you have faced, know who you have lost, the joys you will encounter but as I was sitting listening, I began to get a sense of calm and relief over me a truly wonderful feeling. I still sit back and try to reflect on what you have brought to me through the reading and look forward to new beginnings new directions and look forward to having another reading from you in due course. I am and forever will be eternally grateful Rosalind. I would highly recommend a reading from this wonderfully talented lady.”


“Just like to thank you for the reading you gave me yesterday. You got the emotions and situation I am in spot on, also the accuracy of the names of people ( my mum didn't have exactly a run of the mill name) and descriptions were really accurate. I have had other readings in the past and have come away doubting some of them, but you definitely have a genuine gift as well as being a very warm person I felt at very at ease as though I was having a conversation with someone I had know for a while because you knew so much detail. I will update you to the events that happen. Hopefully the house first! And will definitely be booking another reading, as after I left I thought of many other things I forgot to ask.”

Many thanks Kate

“I have visited Rosalind on no less than four occasions now and the peace and hope she brings me is amazing. I've been through troubled times over the last few years but with Rosalind's guidance and support for the last 24 months - I've not only survived, I've flourished. Following the breakdown of my 18 year marriage and the death of my father I've moved from a 'troubled soul' to a 'bouyant soul' just as she predicted I would. She completely understood my torment even though I didn't articulate it - she even passed on a hug from my grandmother at the end of our first session! Her predictions have been remarkably accurate with some absolutely unknowable details being given 'to hold on to'. I tell all my friends about Rosalind and would definately recommend her when they are feeling lost, confused or just plain troubled, she's been my light”


“Had my reading a few days ago you are truly gifted person no doubt about it. My readings are so acurate. Am so glad you were recommended to me. You know I don't divulge any information but you just get it so right. What a wonderful gift you have. Things you told me at a previous reading are now happening it all makes sense. What a fantastic gift you have been given. You are a special person.”


“Thought I would send you this email straight away from having my Telephone Reading!. You were so accurate in your descriptions of everything - in particular the man in question which was the main reason for my reading.  Thank you for all your advice. You will without a doubt hear from me again in the very near future for another reading!! I wish I lived closer I would have loved to have come and met with you!. Anyway thanks again - nice to get a "genuine" reading.”

Kind regards, Nicola x

“I want to let you know how i feel about everything you have given me over the years. When I first came to you, roughly 6 years ago, I was searching for answers, needing to know that my Dad was around, that he knew that he'd lived, that he knew how much I loved and missed him! You helped me realise thet he was. Your abilities as a Clairvoyant/Clairaudient are incredible and I now think of you as my phone line to my people who aren't in physical form anymore. Your accuracy is amazing and still (even after all this time) astonishes me. I love coming for sessions with you, not only is my heart warmed at the contact with my loved ones, the information you pass on to me about where I am in my life and where I am going is so supportive. You told me the details and outcome of my cousin's custody case as though you were the judge and it was after the event! You helped my Mum at a time when her health was very poor and she felt scared that she was about to die. The encouragement that you heard and passed to her has gven her hope and helped her smile again. This request was by phone when you were in the middle of making dinner! You have been there at the end of the phone and in person when I ask for a sitting, For so many things fro me and my people for which I cannot thank you enough. you really are an Angel.”

With love Anna

“What can I say? one of the most uplifting accurate rewarding readings I have ever had. Names, years, time and places, events past and present, you understood my need and turmoil, you described people in my life there eays, their characters and there work. You picked up on the healing gift I have but do nothing with at the moment, you picked up on a past life which I already had some knowledge of and expanded on that with accuracy. I laughed, I smiled and I shed a tear, not from sadness but just because. When I left you it was with a feeling of relief, a feeling of being uplifted and for the first time in a long while I have had a smile on my face and a feeling of calm and peace. Oh and when you were giving me a reading and I asked you about my grandson, well at about the same time as the reading the hospital called with a date for that operation, hows that for timing. Rosalind once again thank you, and I will see you again. Take care and bless you much Love Davina”


“I have been to see Rosalind a number of times over the past few years and usually in a time of need and spiritual support. Each time I have had a reading with Rosalind it has been a mix of rapidfire facts of what has been happening and what is coming in the future and an understanding and supportive reading of what could happen when certain steps are and should be taken. When she is in the "zone" a lot of information is relayed which is very accurate regarding facts she could not possibly know and often she describes situations which I am sure are not the case however a number of weeks after the reading do indeed turn out to be the case. I would recommend Rosalind for both a reading into some aspects of your life which are not currently visible to you but also for some spiritual support when things are not going as well as you would have liked and you are at a point of disillusionment.”

kind regards Adrian

“Just a little note to say that I found my readings with you to be most helpful and informative. From the start I was made to feel comfortable and at ease and I appreciate the extra time you took to eplain things fully to me. I didn't feel rushed and felt that I could ask you anything. The information I was given during the reading has helped me see some things in a different light and also most of the information you gave me I could relate to straight away. I was that impressed I have recommended you to my partner and intend to visit you again in the future.”

Yours Sincerely Gary

“I have known Rosalind for a number of years now and during that time have had several readings. She has always made me feel comfortable and at ease and the information she has given me has enabled me to look at my life in a different way. Every time she has been 100 % accurate with her predictions and her encouraging words have enabled me to move forward and get on with my life. I look forward to the result of her latest predictions. You are truly gifted and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any person wishing to avail themselves of your unique gifts.”

Thank you again Kenny

“The reading I received was in-depth, comforting and picked up on so many aspects and people in my life. It gave me encouragement especially at this time in my life when I am unsure of which direction to consider taking to develop myself personally and professionally. The accuracy of the reading was amazing and made me feel uplifted and not alone. As I start a new chapter in my life I feel more certain and confident about my decisions and know that if I need any further guidance you will be first person I call, thank you so much for your time and guidance.”

Anita B, Wolverhampton. England

“I've been to visit Rosalind twice now and I travel up from England in order to see her. I would highly recommend her to anybody as she genuinely has a very special talent. She always welcomes you into her home, makes you feel very comfortable before and during the reading and welcomes questions if you are unsure about anything she has to tell you. Both times I have been to see her she has been highly accurate from the very beginning of the reading and I am always shocked at how much she knows about my life!!! I come away from her house always feeling uplifted and assured in the knowledge that my loved ones are happy and safe and that I do make the right choices in my life :) I can honestly say that I will always travel to see Rosalind as I know very few mediums that are genuinely as talented as her. I have recommended her to other family members and friends who are non believers and will continue to do so!”

Thank you Chloe